Do you breathe? More than likely you breathe shallowly (from your upper chest to the top of your head only) and forget to breath in stressful situations. It is a symptom of our fast paced society. Breath is life source energy. Without oxygen we cease to exist. Without good air we are not living at our optimum health. If there is anything we'd like to impress upon you it is the importance of breathing.

First thing in the morning when your eyes open after you have stretched like a cat to awaken your tissues, muscles, tendons and mind… lie on your back and take a few or a LOT of deep breaths. Bend your knees, put your hands on your belly and fill yourself with air so that your tummy is round. Then exhale, the air leaving… first your lower belly, your middle belly and then your lungs and upper chest. When you become aware of these areas and you breathe consciously into them, you begin to comprehend what deep breathing is all about and how healing it can be. Practice this every morning and you will feel shifts in how you process your daily experiences.

When you practice deep breathing you are also practicing the art of being present. If you actually become aware of your breath you start to become aware of everything around you. When you are aware and present stresses don't bother you as much. In a truly "present" moment you have no problems just actions to take in order to move forward with whatever is going on in that moment. When you breath with awareness you are not worrying about something from the past or what will happen in the future you are simply here now doing what it is that you are doing and nothing else. That is a simple definition of being present. It sounds easy but it takes aware breathing to utilize it in our life.

What is the air like in your home? Are you breathing clean air? Is the inside of your home covered with toxic paint? Is your carpet synthetic? Do you live in an industrial area or downtown in a big city? Are you near water? Do you get a breeze near your home? These are questions you need to ask because you may want to get an air purifier or change a few critical things that may be causing your household air to be bad for you. Maybe you want to replace your synthetic carpet with a natural fiber like wool or install a wood floor covered with a nontoxic sealant. Perhaps you are redoing your kitchen and you are looking into new kitchen countertops… think about natural quartz (by Cambria), where there is no off gassing from petrochemicals or poisonous sealants (green guard certified and food safe). Or just install non toxic ceramic tiles. Consider buying plants for your home so you can breath their pure oxygen. See what you can do to improve your home's air quality. You will feel a HUGE change in your energy level.

Finally GET OUTSIDE and breathe…. Nature is where the good air is… trees, (our favorites) bushes, weeds, shrubs, grasses of all kinds and of course flowers they are the creators of the best air possible. When you get into nature you are in a state of healing. The air doesn't get any better and the quality of your life shifts when you make getting outside and breathing a priority. Hike, walk, run, sprint, jog, ride a bike, roller skate, dance, laugh and play in the outdoors. When you breath deeply in nature you are feeding the plants and the plants are feeding you. Nature is where you can take in AIR beauty, health and presence in a powerful way.

5 tips on AIR: breathing heals the body and shifts consciousness.

1. Feeling anxious? Take a deep breath it actually shifts your thinking.

2. Worried about what is going to happen… head in the future or stressing about the past take 10 deep breaths… they will make you present and relieve your stress.

3. Deep breaths detoxify you. Your lungs are our biggest filtration system and they detoxify your body and mind. Breathing is healing.

4. Buy plants for your house they add to you homes air quality and energy.

5. Look at your house and see where and if you can remove toxicity from your air. Carpets floors countertops paint etc… Are there places you can make changes to your internal air quality?