The big questions of Who am I? Why am I here? What moves me? What are my dreams? Who do I want to become in this moment? How can I leave this place better than I found it? All of these questions and more can be answered by the everyday choices you make in food, thought, breath, exercise, stillness, Nature, and adventure. Although we are extreme in some of our choices, (we eat raw dairy, even raw free range meat, climb 1000ft off the deck and walk slack lines several feet off the ground) we encourage you to find your own adventure.

If you want to change your food. . . change your breakfast. . . or try one new food each week. If you want results right away. . .change the way you eat altogether right now . . . this minute! . . . That’s the Bobby approach.

And if adventure is daunting to you, start by taking walks in your neighborhood and be quiet for a few minutes a day. We use Adventure to discover who we are on a deep level. Nothing makes you more present than being on the face of a slab of rock. If you want to meet yourself through adventure, quickly step into the unknown . . . try something that stretches you beyond your limitations or is a secret desire, like kayaking, dancing, singing, mountain biking, or surfing . . . anything that is outside your comfort zone.

An adventurer or not, the most challenging experiences in life let us know we are alive. They awaken us to our greatest potential. Pay attention to your breath. Take a yoga class and see what breath in motion is all about. Carry breath with you wherever you go. This instills present-moment awareness wherever you are.

Finally, get out into Nature as often as possible . . . be wide open to its beauty and plug into its power. It gives you an overwhelming sense of aliveness. Something any of us can do is watch a sunrise and/or sunset a few times a week. Make big or small steps into your unique life. It’s your creation.

Everyone is on an individual journey . . . . break free from “one size fits all” in how to eat. . . how to move, and in all that you do. It is in the questions that you ask yourself that you will find the system that works best for your individual needs. Just remember that your way is going to be an expression of you alone. Enjoy every moment of your life because you can!