How I Survived

First off, I want to thank you for being you.

Over the past few days (since the Sundance premier of “Running From Crazy”) so many of you have written us, boldly sharing your stories of struggle, perseverance, and success… Bobby and I are truly grateful to you for being so brave in opening your hearts to us. I personally commend you for your courage because I know what it takes to finally acknowledge the truth and Survive the “Crazy”.

Amongst your heartfelt stories, I received many different questions about what I did to stay strong and persevere through it all. By reading your messages, I could tell some of you are working through your own “stuff” right now so I wanted to put together a few things that helped me through my journey as they may be able to help you as well.

How I Survived The “Crazy”

- Relationship- Nutrition- Exercise


One of the first (and more important) aspects of overcoming any emotional hardship is building a relationship with yourself. By seeing “Relationship” you probably thought I was going to say something about Bobby, although he is an amazing factor in my positive mental health condition, I believe that you cannot fully give (or receive) love if you are unable love yourself.

Think about whenever someone says, “I need some me time.” This is VERY important and should not be considered of lesser priority to other responsibilities. Whether it’s sitting outside with a warm cup of green tea enjoying the cool, fresh air or enjoying a candlelit bath to soak in the moment, these are things you need to do for you to build a better relationship with yourself… Treat yourself, you deserve it.


I have experimented with almost every diet there is and eaten all different styles only to come to the realization that what is right for me is simple organic (when possible), unprocessed real food. Through many years of trial and error in the kitchen, I learned that what you put in your body will determine how you act and feel about the world around you and inside of you. Eating junk food and processed fast food is just a recipe for emotional and physical disaster. So choose wisely when you sit down to your next meal.

Another thing I discovered about nutrition is that even with a super healthy, nutritious food program, sometimes you need added nutrients to over come feelings of sluggishness and blah. Five years ago, the combination of eating real food, and food based supplements really helped me out of my fog. In fact there are a lot of products that The WillingWay is researching that we want to introduce to you in the coming months that we feel have a profound effect on our mental and physical well being. One of them we take consistently is a brain nourishing superfood called “Oceans Alive” It has had a great result in pulling me out of those BLAH feelings. If this resonates with you at all I recommend you check it out. For more info on Oceans Alive… click here.


Last but not least…Exercise. Bobby and I love and frankly live to be active, he actually built a full outdoor, never-ending, always changing playground/gym for children of all ages (0 to 100) in our backyard (it’s inspiring)! Exercise is really important for our mental health because it completely clears the mind. I start almost every morning with Yoga, and silence which I typically follow up with either a kettle bell workout or a steady session on the rowing machine. Working out is powerful because it frees you from all other distractions in your life. I feel like I’m in my own zone… which again touches on the “me time” aspect of positive mental health.

Whether you’re free soloing a rock face like Bobby does or simply hitting the trail for a morning hike, it is really important to stay active and moving. Think about it like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. The longer you remain stationary, the more difficult it will be to get moving again. We also suggest going on a walk every day after (or even during) work. Take short, ten minute breaks and stroll around the office. Your brain and body will appreciate you for it.