Demographics of Depew

The village of Depew, NY, is located about 10 miles east of Buffalo, NY. It was incorporated in 1894 and named after Chauncey Depew, president of a railroad company that headquartered in the village. With its 5.1 square miles, it is one of the largest villages found in Western New York.

Depew has a rich, cultural history due to the many different groups of immigrants who settled there in times past. First founded by German immigrants, it was quickly populated by Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, and finally Polish settlers. As such, it offers a wide variety of restaurants and cuisine. One very famous dish is known as beef on weck and is prized by locals and visitors alike. Many of them flock to restaurants such as Good Tymes South to enjoy this local dish.

Those wishing to conduct business in Depew will find over 2,200 companies located in its borders. The majority of these businesses are in the following industries: service, food, retail, and automotive. Four schools can be found in the village, too.

When it comes to recreation, Depew offers the Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve as well as the Broadway Driving Range and Miniature Golf. Typical of many upstate New York towns, it also offers public ice skating during the winter months.

Depew has just over 15,000 residents living in its 6,832 households. With almost 7,100 housing units available, the village is a bustling place. About 4,600 of those households are made up of families. About 51% of the household represent married couples and of those 27% have children. The average household size is 2.43 people. Fully one-third of the households are comprised of individuals.

The average rent in Depew is just over $1,000 per month and the average house sells for about $120,000. Almost 70% of the residents own their own homes. Citizens of Depew are almost equally divided among all ages groups with the exception of those between the ages of 18 to 24. Almost all of its citizens are white and have an average income of $42,000.