History of Depew

Anyone who has ever been to western New York state can tell you that the area is quite proud of its history. Known for welcoming German, Polish, Italian, Irish, and other immigrants, this area of western New York state has families who are deeply rooted in the region. These immigrants and their families quickly gained a reputation of being hard workers willing to build businesses right in the community where they lived. That reputation is one that continues to this day.

Over and over, immigrants came to this region of western New York and settled in towns such as Depew. They understood that to be successful in the United States, they would not only have to learn a new language but also find a way to earn a living. Settling down in simple, but affordable living quarters, these immigrant men and women went to work, opened new businesses and raised the next crop of first-generation American citizens.

Seeing the value of education, these immigrant families not only sent their children to schools to learn English, but also made sure to teach them everything they could about running the family business. While they knew that not all of their offspring would choose to continue in the same line of work, the lessons learned in the family business would carry them into whatever future endeavor they undertook. The lessons of hard work, honest labor and an entrepreneurial spirit were not lost on their descendants.

The entire region of Depew, New York is filled with the fruits of those lessons. Restaurants, stores, construction companies, automobile mechanics abound as a testimony to the concept of the American Dream and being self-supporting. In order to truly appreciate the impact that history has had on the culture of this region, plan a visit soon and learn about this wonderful and historical neighborhood.